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Bahá'í? Bahá’u’lláh? God? Revelation? Religion? Utopia? Man? Death? Coincidences?



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Bahá'í Thinking is my personal response to nine questions which were often posed to me: Bahá'í? - Utopia? - Religion? - God? - Revelation? - Bahá'u'lláh? - Man? - Death? - Coincidences?

All my answers are based upon my perception of the Writings which are provided by the youngest Revelation from God. In each chapter quotations from those Words are given. For official sources on the Bahá'í Faith the reader may refer to the authoritative sites listed in the "Tools" section.

The selected links to other websites are like the doors to elevators, stairways, floors and rooms of the treasures house of a worldwide spiritual miracle.  That I have discovered it, I am grateful to heaven. 

To Susanne, Marc, Banafshèh and Benyamin, I give my thanks for their example of loyalty to the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh. My American friend, Roberta Law, took the initiative for the English translation of the original "Bahá’í Denkbeelden" site. I admire her talent and dedication. To René Steiner I am in debt for the styling of my project.

Gunter C. Vieten

Rijswijk, The Netherlands, November 12, 2004


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Baha'i Thinking is a private initiative by Gunter C. Vieten and a team of dutch Bahá’ís
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